Xenomancy as a stage means almost nothing without any story taking place within. The best way for us to explore a constructed fictional world is to be within. Since a constructed fictional world is not a place we could physically visit, we must use a medium, where the world could be delivered inside our thoughts. And the usual medium of transmitting the idea of other worlds we've never visited before is via storytelling.

Storytelling can have many forms, such as narrative texts, movies, poems, et cetera. Each with its own characteristics, good and bad. Limited by my inadequacy of 3D modelling, and no experience in the field of filmography, I decided to use a more conventional, classic medium: narrative texts.

With that in mind, I've never actually completed a decent work I am yearning for: a novel. However, there are some shorter pieces of stories I managed to develop, in the courtesy of storywriting practices. I might not be mastering narrative writing authorship, but I don't think I need to be one, because I firmly believe that if we want to be a writer, just be a writer!

Therefore I presents, some of my works:

  • Smartphonology. It was a fun exercise I did when my sister asked me to help her storywriting. Giving much thoughts to it with a single constraint set by my sister: it has to be a story about education. After some brainstorming, I realized that in modern day, people just give their children smartphones, without telling them how to use it effectively. As a result, a majority of us use gadgets solely for our entertainments, and perhaps some auxiliary functions such as instant communication easily seconded by our craving of entertainments. It should not be like that, it could be something much better. One tend to forget that our smartphones are very powerful computers! It is on par in specifications with modern computers, and costs around the same. Heck, there even attempts to unite desktop computer operating system with smartphone operating systems! (See Ubuntu Touch and Plasma Mobile) Therefore I posited in this story, that used properly, our smartphones can be a lifesaver!
  • The Birth of Daniel Ashton. It was a character I developed for my planned novel, currently titled Xenomancy (guess now you know the origin of this site's name) that I have been working on for the last seven to eight years. The idea of this character is an extremely ancient soul inside a very young body. His biological age when featured in Xenomancy is fifteen years old, and that was his age, divided by a thousand years. That, and the frustration that Xenomancy is set mainly on Earth, and I did a couple of decent worldbuildings for off-Earth sites, I decided to give a glimpse of how his life was prior to his arrival on Earth.
  • The Angel's Job. Heinrich Potens is one of Hendrik's doubles (Hendrik in-story is not me, we just happen to share the same name and looks). He is an artificial human Hendrik created to resolve his frustration on how cruel the world can be. Heinrich grew to be a strong individual, and quite detached from the world we're living in. Even his job is quite remote from all of us: the emmisary of the Divines. An attempt to kickstart the arc of the Second Baal Cycle arcs on Xenomancy (the novel), I incorporated a glimpse of mysterious forces at play. Its genre is borderline fantasy, but it is actually a hard science fiction story.
  • The Artifact Hunt. Hendrik Lie is the original Hendrik. Despite sharing the same name and looks as me, he is a completely different, and separate character. In this story he attempted to obtain more clues of the opposing party. What seemed to be a boring mission turned out opening more headaches for him.
  • The Disturbances. This is a story that serves as an introduction to main original casts, especially Steven, Daniel, and Adran. Also, within is shown the upcoming conflicts that is happening in the background.
  • Inspections. The Disturbances ends with Anderson being treated on the clinic of Steven and Daniel. Then, The Birth of Daniel Ashton was a fun storytelling exercise, and it was meant to be the prequel of Ashton's appearance here. It ends with Ashton trying to reach Steven. Finally, in Inspections, Anderson got picked up by Henokh and his organization, and Steven and Daniel got a visit by Ashton.