Hendrik Lie

Data Panel

Species: Homo sapiens

Birthdate: August 9, 1995

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 70 kg

Skin tone: Asian

Hair: black

Eyes: black

Unique Features: A reflexior.

Hendrik Lie is the original Hendrik. Despite sharing the same name and looks as me, he is a completely different, and separate character. He has a different personality, different expertise, and different goals. In fact, on earlier developments he was more like me. However as I consider different circumstances that happens to him but not to me, I realized that I should treat me more like an alternative version of me, should I live in the world of Xenomancy. Still not an excuse to make him a copy of me.

He is a chief and an agent of BAIK, code named Agent Sukarno. He is also a reflexior, and a part of Trinity Compact with other Hendriks (essentially the compact is a group mind of clones) as the owner of the body and the original copy. He's good at martial art and decent proficiency at manipulation reflexius, especially on moderate psychokinesis and mind altering techniques. He has a master degree in Reflexiology from University of WTF.

His human profession is as a lawyer, specialized in corporate laws. His traits were brave, opportunistic, and indifferent. Perhaps slightly eccentric by human standard. His motivation is curiosity, and desire of self improvement. His personal arc is to find and stop the Tiamat. Also to resolve what his true desire is. His true desire is to be recognized as a person, so he seeks approval, however his main obstacle is his own low self esteem due to his inability to satisfy his own expectations.