Characters interact with the story settings, and in doing so, building story plots. A story will certainly contain characters, because that is what we love to do: hear what the characters are doing in a story.

As a stage where stories happen, Xenomancy is inhabited by multitude of characters, from which readers can gleam the fictional world I built. Because just telling of how my world is to common people wouldn't be fun! We don't care about what happens to a fictional world as much as we care of people we know. And to make people interested into a fictional world, is to have characters readers can relate to, and get to know. And the more you find out about someone, the more you care about them! Eventually, by having our attention engaged in the live of a fictional person inside a fictional world, inevitably we will be familiarizing ourselves to the world the fictional character is living on. Ergo, tell the story of a man inside Xenomancy, I get to tell readers about the world of Xenomancy!

You do not have to like someone to care about them, sometimes we're just curious to find out interesting characters. And curiosity is one of one's strongest drive. In fact, curiosity gave us technology! We once ponder, what is it like to be flying like birds, and that leads to the invention of airplanes! We once ponder, what is it like to have cars that wouldn't tire like horses that run their cars, and we ended up with the invention of cars! We once ponder, is it possible to send messages over large distance in the shortest amount of time? In the end, our modern communcation technology was born!

The most mundane curiosity we have would be our strong desire to know more about those we care about. When we love someone, for example, we would not mind spending a lot of time stalking their status updates, their feed, and their streams. We do that all the time: be they boybands, athletes, celebrities, and public figures. Even some unfortunate ordinary people could get viral, just because they did something novel, or even ordinary things done in the most amusing way!

Therefore, exploiting our curious tendency for my own gain (ha!): to introduce you all to the world of Xenomancy, I must have characters. Some are ordinary, some are extraordinary, some are just plain unusual. What is important for my cause is that they are living inside the world of Xenomancy, and they're involved in some of its events. By placing them at the right location and at the right circumstances, I get you hooked on them and witness what they do, what they face, and what they feel about those events.

Here are the list of characters and their brief descriptions:

  1. Steven Pontirijaris. A half human half etoan, but he prefers to describe himself as an etoan. He’s a pacifist unless provoked, altruistic optimistic, and patriotic of his origin as etoan. Like a good doctor, he upheld Hippocratic Oath. A pontirijarisian, leftist liberal, toward collaborative anarchy. Loves humanity, probably one of his favorite world. Learned medic to obtain recognitions among baselines, a hobby he can be proud of. To increase his social standings. Married to Helena and be a father of four sons. His motivation is his family and friends, and their well beings. His personal arc is about saving his loved ones without wounding others, to resolve who really is in Helena's heart, and about saving Earth that he loved. His obstacle is the fact that his enemy will do anything to hurt his family.

  2. Daniel Lusien. Is mostly selfless (to some degree), resourceful and loves science fiction (toward hard spectrum), a loving person and good friend to Adran, Steven, Helena, and Fernando. Tend to be liked by etoan artificials and volants. His motivation is to make a brighter day. He valued happiness and good friends.

  3. Helena Irawan. Is Steven’s wife. A caring mother and secretly had a crush with Fernando. She wished to resolve the issue and apologize to Steven, it is resolved when she finally communicate with Steven about it, in hell.

  4. Adok Ranensis. (nick: Adran) His last split from his Aucafidian copy is 21 May 1956, or 67,488.7841 CL. However he's sent to, and printed on Earth in 2003. He's a Multimodal Autonomous Transport Vehicle, Ranensis Line of Admir Locomotive Clade, and officially a full citizen of Etoan Earth Colonization Initiative. His body is comparable in size, mass, and ability with a Pajero, plus the intelligence of a transapient. He loves being in road, because the state/feel of roaming across country roads, scaling up and down hills, and on open space provides him some sense of spiritual trance. He has a certain disliking to Helena's normal car (dumb car, as Adran put it). His preferred coloration is black, and texture of a smooth natural stone, but adopt normal black car texture on normal city environment. He prefers to use green lighting, and he likes the moon's UV radiance, though at day he also enjoys power surges from the sun. However, he dislikes very high intensity of light he has to work through, therefore he has a love-hate relationship with daylight. He naturally prefers driving on road than flying because of his strong tactile senses on his tires, but flying is not that hard for him to grasp. Though he's self cleaning, he loves Daniel as he tends to cleanse him thoroughly, and with care.

  5. Henokh Lisander. Agent of BAIK, code named Agent Suharto. Wished solely on a better world of his idealistic imagery of a perfect society. Driven by his experience being persecuted as a member of a minority ethnicity and religion. In other worlds, he hated racism and society class separation/segregation. His motivation is to eliminate segregation of social classes and discrimination. His traits are Stubborn, persistent, deterministic, and occasionally emotional when faced with Aditya. His personal arc is to meet and talk with Aditya, to ask him why he left him. His main obstacle is the fact that Aditya is an insurgent (supposedly antagonist), and he's in the supposedly protagonistic side. Due to that he had some trouble with his loved ones, can not really focus on people who love him.

  6. Daniel Ashton. An Eto aucafidi, age is close to fifteen thousand years old. He is an Earth enthusiast, had been following up human history ever since humanity's first step to civilization to present day. However his memory resolution on Earth is rather limited because of his human body limitations.

  7. Anderson Pondalissido. An Etoan superior. He’s unpredictable in nature. Has somewhat alien point of view, sometimes bizarre, sometimes appear to be human like. Mostly silent and calm. His looks is intimidating for normal human. However he could change minor features on his body, like skin color and eye irises at will. His shapeshifting ability took some days to complete the change. His personal arc is to stop the Antichrist, and to prevent Denefasan attack. His obstacle is the fact that he hated hidden variable, and prematurely conclude that he must eliminate both Henokh and Aditya. The fact is, he really liked Henokh, and hated it so much when he must be eliminated.

  8. Hendrik Lie. Hendrik Lie is the original Hendrik. Despite sharing the same name and looks as me, he is a completely different, and separate character. He has a different personality, different expertise, and different goals. In fact, on earlier developments he was more like me. However as I consider different circumstances that happens to him but not to me, I realized that I should treat me more like an alternative version of me, should I live in the world of Xenomancy. Still not an excuse to make him a copy of me.

  9. Romanov Dexter. (short: Manov) Hendrik’s copy, a part of Trinity Compact. He's resourceful and clever. His reflexius strength is not in brute force but in details, precision and dexterity. Full of tricks and hacks, and especially good with altering mind states through words and body gestures. Can be very persuasive once he knows what the opposing party's inner motivation. His attitude is friendly, playful and slightly hedonistic. He loves neat environment and hates mess. Quite perfectionist as well. His motivation is thirst of experience. Anything he had never tried might actually interest him, and he'd try it until he got bored with it. He was born on May 2013, because Hendrik was so devastated when he can not enroll into the med school due to his colorblindness. He was born without color blindness, and can see into a wider range of spectrum than a human could. From 1000 nm to 100 nm. Then as Hendrik enrolled in a law school, he enrolled in The WTF Institute of Medicine and Holistic Health. Later discovered a SeaWorld paramundus, and meet Purpose there. They were having fun, until Purpose decided to say her feelings toward him. Ever since that time, he tried so hard to find reasons why he disliked her. However every reason he poured off, Purpose tried so hard to be with him that she seemingly find a way to shed off every single reason that makes him disliked her. His personal arc is to redefine his relationship with Purpose, and to show that Anthony is good. His obstacles are his ego, who wishes to have free time and free of commitments. That and because he can actually see goodness in people, even someone as bad as Anthony.

  10. Heinrich Potens. (short: Ein) Hendrik’s copy, a part of Trinity Compact. He's exceptionally proficient at pyrokinesis and psychokinesis. Full of strength and brute force, strong-willed and persistent. He's ruthless and indifferent in nature. Pragmatic and cautious in decision-making. Perhaps the most advanced magic he has is to materialize a physical body nearly equivalent in strength to Heavenly Hosts. His motivation is peace, he hated to be provoked, and wish to find some time for himself. His personal arc is to protect Hendriks from danger, and to truly understand the rage inside him. His main obstacles are his rage, suppressed emotions, control freakiness, and deep inability to really trust people.

  11. Barong Ket. A volant lion native to Paramundus Jagadpadang. He respected Manov as the one that accompany him on his lowest point of life, when he lost his original band. He made Manov his honorary member of the new band of his, Band Airlangga.

  12. Anthony Matthias. He is a necromancer, he can communicate with souls in hell. He can force them to do his bidding in exchange for a way to escape hell. Also, autodidactically he is able to do pyrokinesis, but he can not ignite a fire. Was accidentally lost in the woods by his father when he learned that his son can do wicked things (reflexius). His personal arc is to find his mother, and to resolve his nightmare. His nightmare reveals more and more about who her parents are, over the course of the story, but intensifies after he meets Martha.

  13. Kamaitachi Haise. A recovered soul, was in hell because his last Enterprise failed and disbanded forcefully. With Anthony's help, he escaped hell and ever since owed Anthony his service.

  14. Aditya Wijaya. A leader of Unit H, a revolutionary group that seeks to reboot the society, by growing a new one after first setting up an anarchy. Was 18 years apart from Anthony Matthias, and he picked up Anthony as a caretaker, and let him grow as his son and as his brother since Anthony was 5 years old. Was generally control freak, and had a strong ambition to achieve his goal. Aditya has some ties with Denefasan Embassy, and Yam. This is where he made a pact with Earthen Powers to enact anarchy to the world, where he can rebuild the world. Denefasan promised to help him to reboot human civilization, and Yam promised him a means to do just that, telling him about something called Black’s Staff. This plot ended when he successfully collect Black's Staff. His obstacles were the BAIK, and had a personal problem with Steven.

  15. Martha Williams, the pharmacy’s clerk. She was married at a very young age to an abusive guy. Her son was left in the woods by her husband because he believed that the son was cursed, and when carrying her second child, she divorced him. It was the most liberating decision and she continued her pursuit by enrolling in a graduate school, ended up in Steven’s and Daniel’s clinic as a pharmacy clerk. Her daughter is Michelle Williams. Her personal arc is to resolve her crush with Daniel, and to find her lost son. Her obstacles is Fernando, and the fact that she knew so little about her long lost son.

  16. Michelle Williams, Martha’s daughter, and David’s girlfriend. rose to be a daughter of Martha that lack her father's love, and grow to be an ignorant teen, but with deep artistic feelings. However, her social skills aren't developed enough due to her own decision to isolate herself. She didn't give a damn to her mother's decision to marry someone just four years older than her, is another example of her ignorance to familial matters. Her personal arc is to make two persons closest to her, Anthony and David befriend each other.

  17. Kuin. The first Synthetic Intelligence on Earth, made in Indonesia as a part to computerize decision making processes on Kuker Group.