Steven Pontirijaris

Data Panel

Species: Eto aucafidi x Homo sapiens

Birthdate: August 9, 1985

Height: 185 cm

Weight: 85 kg

Skin tone: Light

Hair: black

Eyes: black

Unique Features: has suggestively pointed eartips

Steven Pontirijaris considers himself to be a half human etoan. He loves swimming and hiking, usually he wants to experience them with authentic human experiences and limitations. He loved exotic etoan food such as stewed or fried miniature cadviri chests, assorted etoan peanuts, etoan milkfruits, and various synthetic food templates available on his fabricator. His usual metric to judge worthiness of a food (especially human food) is tender and juicy texture for meat, crunchy and watery for fruits, and leaned more toward bitter and sweet taste in general. For drinking, he is fond of citric products, such as Earth's lime juice.

He loves humanity, and Earth is probably one of his favorite worlds. He studied and practiced medic to obtain recognitions among etoan peers of him. It is a hobby he can be proud of to increase his social standings.

Married to Helena and be a father of four sons. His motivation is his family and friends, and their well beings.