Daniel Ashton

Data Panel

Species: Eto aucafidi

Birthdate: 17 February 2003 (printed date on Earth)

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Skin tone: pale white

Hair: silvery white

Eyes: white with darker gray closer to his pupils

Unique Features: suggestively pointed eartips

He's the biological grandfather of Steven Pontirijaris. Originally named Ostaupixtrilis Pontirijaris. He was Jesus, roughly two millennia ago. Originally printed on Earth at 12 October 1950. His last rejuvenation was on 2003, back to 7 years old. 67,533.3680 CL to be exact, or 17 February 2003.

In 2011, he decided to return to Earth, but leaving his biologically fifteen years old instance to explore the Earth. Later in August 2019, Earth time, he was destructively uploaded and beamed back to Earth, arriving on September 2019. Over the span of one and a half years, his scion that encapsulated his Aucafidian instance bargained with his Earth instance. The bargain was over by the end of March 2021, where a merging term was agreed upon, that maximises their success, and minimize detection by local powers.

Ostaupixtrilis Pontirijaris on Earth circa 1950 prior his merger with his Aucafidian self to form Daniel Ashton, had been through quite a lot of life. Circa 2011, he had been exploring many schools as a school student, in the body of a 15 years old. I think it is wise to consider that he had been, on average, 2 years a school.

Daniel means God's my judge, because he decided to be a good person in this life. Ashton means from the ashes. He assumed it was like the phoenix, that rise from the ashes, as he's rebirthed.

1st school, occupation time: ~2 years (July 2011-August 2013).

Calvin Gauss, living as a newcomer to Makassar, in a safehouse with a family of an established Etoan colonist named Heinrich Gauss and a human wife named Kartika. His foster brother is Ferdi Gauss, in the same class as Hendrik. Enrolled as a first year student, left as an early third year student.

The goal is to intervene with Hendrik's life, and to intervene with Derictor, Henokh, and the HD Club. Theme: it is not about what you want to have, but about what you're willing to lose to get what you want to get. His time overlapped with Hendrik's life since about the time Hendrik started to date Jie (July 21st proposed via text, December 21st, ended via text), to Hendrik's graduation.

One of the major conflict here is an internal battle. Of his young body with its healthy sexual needs, and his composed thoughts. Here, an aggressive young girl tried to persuade him into having sex with her. And a mysterious young adult, Edward Kevlar, approached him.

The other problem is to help Derictor cope with the loss of his father, by continuing his father's passion, that Derictor shared.

Then HD Club had to help Daniel with his parents. The solution is, through accepting himself. Calvin here helps by suggesting that there's no need to conform with the notion of heteronormal life: to marry and raise children. Also to help Fernando realize that there are many forms of love, so there's no need to frame love the way modern human society did.

2nd school, occupation time: ~3 years (August 2013-May 2016).

Michael Guntur Putra Metusalah, under the care of Keenan Metusalah Evans, an etoan philantropist and a director of an orphanage. Enrolled as a first year transfer student, managed to graduate.

The goal here is to train on working as a team. He assembled a motorist club, with an unorthodox way of achieving wins. The motorist club is called the Gang Orca, with their signature coloration are black and white. Theme: Jadilah terang dunia. Be like Christ. Be God, that is, be like God. So people can directly observe God in action, when they observe our life.

Sub theme: live the present.

Remember the experience during the time my motorbike's oil was replaced, and the transmission chains along with the disk got replaced. Might be useful for this.

3rd school, occupation time: ~1 years (July 2016-September 2017).

Alfa Iskandar Putera. Adopted by an etoan colonist family: Jivus Pontiritarax (a relative to Tudva Pontiritarax) and Istar Laupatura. Enrolled as a first year student. Left on the early 11th grade.

Somewhere in the Central Sulawesi. The goal here is to have his life overlap with Xiangyu. His favorite past time was to sit atop a hill with his friends, and observe arriving and/or departing airplanes. Theme: observe the soul, not the looks.

The issue here is a conflict between EPL and WTF, taking place in the outskirts of the city. The city is an EPL stronghold (under the frontend of the Charismatic Church of Colins, that is highly respected by the local community), protecting them from a chaotic insurgency called the Freedom Force (actually a WTF task force). CCC is modelled after GMS.

4th school, occupation time: ~2 years (October 2017-September 2019).

Christopher Agape Lumintan, adopted by Edward Kevlar and Patricia Gunawan, their domicile is in Kendari. Enrolled as a first year transfer student, as a 12th grade student he left on the first mid term.

The aim here is for Kav to interact with Yam, negotiating their deals. To do so, his life happen to overlap with the life of Aditya's foster son, Anthony Matthias (Yang Gi-hwan). Theme: finding a partner of intelligence rigour is hard.

5th school, occupation time: ~1.5 years (September 2019-March 2021).

Abel Chrisputra Lee, taken care by Christopher Lee, a priest in a secluded chruch near Ijen Crater. Enrolled as a 10th grade transfer student, left a month before the national exam.

The goal here is to prepare an intelligence front near Ijen Crater, so that the movements of nearby EPL base could be monitored. Also to prepare him so he could merge with his Aucafidian self, to be Daniel Ashton. Theme: exploring the concept of self.

6th school, occupation time: ~3 years (September 2021-May 2024).

Daniel Ashton, returned under the care of Steven Pontirijaris and Helena Irawan. His "Foster brothers" are actually his great grandchildren. This is his second high school incarnation that actually graduates from his high school. He enrolled to the same grade as David, and they graduate together. They'd eventually study in the university together as well.

His goal here is to assemble and to activate the Christ Cluster. Especially on reaching Zean and Michelle, assembling their support system.

David was inspired by his dad's Hexadecimal Ducenti Club (HD Club), where its members combined IQ score is two hundred in hexadecimal (512 in decimal).

David calls the squad as the Fibonacci Task Force. He realized that their combined IQ is 610, the 15th number in Fibonacci sequence. Here's the composition: