Neosol Star System

Neosol is the home star of Planet Nouveau.

A long period planet companion to HD 70642 was announced in 2003. This planet orbits in a circular orbit (e=0.034) at 3.232 AU. The star is so like to Sol that its habitable zone is in the same place (~ 1 AU). The jovian ensures the stability of an Earth-mass planet at 1 AU. This system is one of the most similar in conditions to our solar system than any other currently known planetary systems.

The system has a fairly earthlike planet that had been terraformed and moved to about 1 AU from the host star, but originally humans discovered the system's superjovian first, in what was known as HD 70642 b.

This system has eight major celestial bodies (excluding their sun):

  1. Hermes
  2. Aphrodite
  3. Nouveau/Neogaea
  4. Ares
  5. Zeus
  6. Chronos
  7. Poseidon
  8. Ogenus