Star System List

Xenomancy is a fictional universe, and therefore contains fictional worlds. Each world could be a planet, a celestial body, or an artificial environment. Usually, a world, or worlds, would occupy a volume centered around a celestial body, such as stars. Therefore, to ease organization, I decided to make a list of star systems that were, are, and will be featured in Xenomancy.

The star is known to humans as HD 28185. It is a yellow dwarf star similar to our sun, and is located about 128.6 light-years away from Earth in the constellation Eridanus. As far as the humans know, the star possess a long-period extrasolar planet, dubbed HD 28185 b.

Neosol, was known as HD 70642, is a yellow dwarf star in the constellation of Puppis located 92 light years away from Old Sol. This star has about the same mass and radius as the Sun, is slightly cooler and less luminous, and is richer in abundance of iron relative to hydrogen. (Source: wikipedia) At present time, the star is well known as Novasol or Helios.