Aucafidus is a trojan planet located on L4 point of Subralis (HD 28185 d). Both Aucafidus and Subralis orbits a main sequence star HD 28185 (also known as HIP 20723 or SAO 149631), or locally known as Bicuxs or Biculus.

The planet has an exceptionally large iron-nickel core, comprising almost half of the planet's volume, and thus a sufficiently strong magnetic field. Due to its large core, Aucafidus is slightly more massive and far denser than Earth. Therefore, its surface gravity, is significantly larger than Earth, despite being smaller in size.

Aucafidus is inhabited by approximately 25 billion physical thinking beings, spread among roughly 2 million cities on southern continents.

The surface is highly earth-like, with a higher surface gravity, at 12.43 m/s2, and a higher atmospheric pressure, almost twice than that of Earth.

Aucafidus does not possess any natural satellite.

Orbital characteristics

Semimajor axis: 1.031 ± 0.060 AU

Eccentricity: 0.070 ± 0.040

Periastron: 0.956 AU

Apastron: 1.102 AU

Inclination: 0o

Period of revolution: 1.0484 earth years; 382.928 earth days; 407.14 aucafidian days

Solar day length: 81261.94 seconds, 22:34:22, 0.941 earth days

Siderial day length: 81062.84 seconds, 22:31:03, 0.938 earth days

Axial tilt: 24.6o

Physical characteristics

Radius: 5734 km

Mass: 6.1213 × 1024 kg

Density: 7.78 g/cm3

Surface Gravity: 12.43 m/s2; 1.27 g

Atmospheric characteristics

Pressure: 1.98 bar


18% (356 mbar) oxygen;

81.6% (1616 mbar) nitrogen;

0.4% (8 mbar) other gases.