Project Xenomancy is not a story. It is a setting, a world to build upon, and plenty of settings for various stories. Xenomancy is a fictional world with strong leaning of scientific accuracy. Its genre is a softer hard fiction, not as hard as diamond, but sufficiently hard as the creator could comprehend.

This site is a work in progress, that I fill in my spare time.

Xenomancy as a stage means almost nothing without any story taking place within. The best way for us to explore a constructed fictional world is to be within. Since a constructed fictional world is not a place we could physically visit, we must use a medium, where the world could be delivered inside our thoughts. And the usual medium of transmitting the idea of other worlds we've never visited before is via storytelling.

Characters interact with the story settings, and in doing so, building story plots. A story will certainly contain characters, because that is what we love to do: hear what the characters are doing in a story.

Xenomancy is a fictional universe, and therefore contains fictional worlds. Each world could be a planet, a celestial body, or an artificial environment. Usually, a world, or worlds, would occupy a volume centered around a celestial body, such as stars. Therefore, to ease organization, I decided to make a list of star systems that were, are, and will be featured in Xenomancy.

During the time I defined elements present in Xenomancy, I wrote a number of notes to support my thought processes, and for record-keeping purposes. Under this page are some of the digitized notes.